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Virginia Driver Education and Traffic Safety Course

Please choose the appropriate eligibility and permission form below.  Students will need to scan and upload the completed eligibility form into the Canvas Course.  Most smartphones have a scanning feature in the camera or notes app.


  • eligible for a learner’s permit in the ninth grade AND UNDERSTANDS that they must complete all driver education instruction offered in lieu of 36 periods of health instruction taught as part of the HPE-10 course.   
  • failed classroom driver education but passed grade 10 health and physical education (HPE-10).
  • transferred to a school in Virginia in eleven or twelfth grade.
  • receiving homebound instruction.
  • driver education is offered as an elective course and not taught as part of the HPE-10 diploma course.
  • attending a virtual school.

VADETS is Virginia’s teacher association for the improvement of driver education & traffic safety. 

The goal of driver education is to transfer traffic safety knowledge and skills into injury prevention behaviors. Successful completion of a state-approved driver education program does not, in itself, make a teenager a responsible, experienced driver. The ability to move a car skillfully is not the same thing as the ability to drive safely. Driving is a complex psychomotor task requiring mastery of various performance skills. It requires identifying, processing and accurately evaluating risks in the driving environment, developing appropriate responses to minimize these risks, and gaining experience to predict what actions others may take. Statistically, teen drivers have a disproportionately high percentage of vehicle crashes. The commonly cited theories to explain this age group’s high crash rate are: immaturity, lack of experience, attitude, and a perception of immortality. The family, not the school, is in the best position to have a sustained effect on minimizing the risks faced by inexperienced drivers and encouraging responsible behaviors. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on extended supervised practice with a licensed parent or guardian to develop precision in the application of skills and processes to effectively manage risks.

The VADETS online driver education course provides an alternative educational opportunity for public, private and home-schooled students. 

This course was designed by experienced Virginia Driver Education teachers and is  approved by the Departments of Education and Motor Vehicles for public, private, and home-schooled students with proper documentation. 

To be eligible to take this online driver education classroom, the student and parent MUST AGREE to the terms listed below.

    • The student MUST log into the program within 7 days of registration and payment. Failure to log in could result in being dropped from the class.

    • Students have 120 days to complete the course which begins once you register and pay.
    • In order to receive a certificate of completion, the student must spend a MINIMUM of 30 hours on the program.

    • Our pacing guide allows students to complete up to 2 of the 12 modules each week.


    • The student must read every page of the text.

    • The student must receive at least 85% proficiency on each quiz in order to move forward (100% for topic quizzes and Signs, Signals, and Pavement Marking quizzes).

    • The student must complete every quiz, module test and the final exam without any assistance.

    • The student must complete all requirements of a module before they will be allowed to move to the next module.

    • The student understands that submitting someone else’s assignments will result in expulsion from the course. To increase accountability, the final exam must be monitored.  Your online teacher will explain acceptable monitoring.

    • If within 30 days the student decides the program is not suited for them, they may apply for a $100 refund.

    • The student understands no refund will be issued after 30 days.

    • The student understands that they only have three attempts to score an 85% on the final exam or they will have to retake the course without a refund.

    • The student understands the exam must be proctored in person by a teacher, local librarian, or other approved adult. (not a parent or sibling).

Technology Requirements

  • Students need access to a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook to complete the course.
  • Mobile devices CANNOT be used to take the course or submit assignments.
  • Using the Chrome browser is recommended, when using Safari or other browser in Canvas, some images or other items may not be viewable.
  • If you do not have access to a device other than a phone, please contact vadetsonline@gmail.com to request a $100 refund and be removed from the course (if within 30 days of the course start date) refunds will not be allowed after that time.

    Effective July 1, 2022, all students enrolled in classroom driver education must complete a student/parent component. This component has been incorporated into the VADETS online driver education program and needs to be completed with a parent.

    Upon successful completion of the course, the parent will receive by mail a Certificate of Completion Form. Once you have received the certificate of completion the student can enroll in a state-approved behind-the-wheel driver education course.

    Online Learning is not for everyone. The student must:

    • Make a personal commitment.

    • Be self-motivated.

    • Be able to learn independently.

    • Be computer literate.

    • Have good time-management skills.

    • Have effective written communication skills.

    • Have an email address and Internet access.

      If this course sounds like a good fit for your child, choose a course, register and pay for the course at https://vadriveredcourses.vadets.info/ . Please note the names next to each course are the teachers' names and District 8 means you live in Northern Virginia. 

      Click here for a document that can assist you with registration and payment.

      The cost for this course is $119.00.

      For more information, please contact the administrator of the course at vadetsonline@gmail.com

       If you took your online Driver Education course through VADETS and have misplaced your DEC certificate, use the link below to order a duplicate. Cost for the replacement is $10 + shipping cost.

      For more information, please contact the administrator of the course at vadetsonline@gmail.com

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