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Virginia Driver Education and Traffic Safety Course

The goal of driver education is to transfer traffic safety knowledge and skills into injury

 prevention behaviors. Successful completion of a state-approved driver education 

program does not, in itself, make a teenager a responsible, experienced driver. The 

ability to move a car skillfully is not the same thing as the ability to drive safely. 

Driving is a complex psychomotor task requiring mastery of various performance 

skills. It requires identifying, processing and accurately evaluating risks in the driving

 environment, developing appropriate responses to minimize these risks, and gaining 

experience to predict what actions others may take. Statistically, teen drivers have a

 disproportionately high percentage of vehicle crashes. The commonly cited theories to 

explain this age group’s high crash rate are: immaturity, lack of experience, attitude, 

and a perception of immortality. The family, not the school, is in the best position to 

have a sustained effect on minimizing the risks faced by inexperienced drivers and 

encouraging responsible behaviors. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on 

extended supervised practice with a licensed parent or guardian to develop precision

 in the application of skills and processes to effectively manage risks.


The cost for this course is $119.00

For more information please contact the administrator of the course at vadetsonline@gmail.com

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