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Educator Resources

Preventing Underage Drinking & Impaired Driving

The VADETS Choose Your Vibe - Arrive Alive! campaign is a social media campaign to promote healthy, alcohol-free lifestyles and the avoidance of consequences to health and wellness, academic and career achievement that results from engaging in illegal underage drinking and impaired driving.

Educator Ambassador Role

Educator ambassadors will support @VADETeacher and @YourVibeVA social media content, review student content submissions, and promote campaign events.


Novemeber 12-29 we are searching for educators who would like to participate in our campaign!

Click here and apply now!


  • Session 1 - #MyWinterVibe - 10 Week Session from Dec 3- Feb 10


Completed Session Documentation Forms

Download the documention form, enter your information and evidence, and upload it using this Google Form Link

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