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45 Hour Parent/Teen Driving Guide

Your child has reached an important milestone; A LEARNER’S PERMIT. It is our hope that acquiring mature driving skills and judgment will be a rewarding experience for you and your teenager. With your involvement, it can also be a safe experience. This 45-hour parent/teen driving handbook provides suggestions for in-car lessons to help you guide your child in making this step to adulthood more successful for both of you.

The Juvenile Licensing Process

Partners for Safe Teen Driving: 

No other hazard or behavior comes close to claiming as many teen lives as driving. Approximately 60 teens die each year in car crashes in Virginia.

Driver Education Standards of Learning

Although there is no applicable SOL test associated with driver education instruction, the SOLs serve as the Board of Education’s approved driver-education and traffic-safety program of instruction for public and private school programs and are intended to provide students with a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of driving.

Resources for Parents:

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